Face changing comes to Dulwich College for Founder's Day

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in London, Founder’s Day took place at Dulwich College on Saturday 1 July 2017. The annual event recognising the Founder and Elizabethan actor, Edward Alleyn, celebrates student achievements throughout the school, such as music, drama, sports, science and language. This year, the theme was Contemporary : Renewal and Innovation marking the latest developments on campus, such as The Laboratory, the renovation of the Barry Building and the recently planted Lime Tree Walk.

The Dulwich College International Marquee showcased the achievements from across the group, giving the boys at the founding school an insight into life in the DCI schools. Many were impressed by the number of schools in Asia, as well as the quality of the network events and high academic achievements of the DCI students. They enjoyed reading messages sent from our students to them, and responded with a few messages of their own.

On the main stage, during the evening picnic, Dulwich College students, parents, teachers and friends were treated to a special performance from our own DCI student, Colin from Dulwich International High School Zhuhai. Something many guests in London had not seen before, they were thrilled by the drama of Colin’s Bian Lian or ‘face-changing’.

Bian Lian is an ancient Chinese dramatic art, that derives from Sichuan opera, a form of Chinese opera originating around 1700. Performers wear brightly coloured costumes and move to quick dramatic music. They wear vividly coloured masks, typically depicting well known character from the opera, which they change almost instantaneously with the swipe of a fan, a movement of the head of a wave of the hand.

After the performance, Colin met with Dr Spence, the Master of Dulwich College, Dr Pyke, the Deputy Master and Christian Guertler, the CEO of DCI, who congratulated him on an outstanding performance.

Watch video: Interview with Dr Joseph Spence, The Master of Dulwich College