Students are still part of the Dulwich College International family even after they have graduated.

Who are International Old Alleynians (IOAs) and what is the IOA Network?

Students who leave a Dulwich College International School with an academic qualification automatically become an IOA.

Dulwich College International is actively developing an alumni network which aims to keep our IOAs in touch, engaged and sharing with each other and with the Dulwich network.

We are working on an alumni programme that provides more opportunities for professional networking, mentoring and career opportunities for International Old Alleynians, wherever they are in the world.

See below for our current IOA initiatives and keep your eye on this page for more updates in the future.

International Old Alleynian University Mentor Programme

IOA university mentors are alumni who help current students get more information about a university or college of interest.

We have mentors representing over 90 universities from across the globe including Yale, Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, New York University, Imperial College London, University of Hong Kong, Cornell University, Stanford University, University of British Columbia and many more. Our mentors are able to provide insight on studying a huge variety of university degrees – from Molecular Genetics to Law; from Aerospace Engineering to Art History.

Our university counselling team will ensure our students are matched with the right mentor from our growing database.

Students will benefit from assessing universities and cities through the eyes of a Dulwich alumnus.

IOA Social Network

Our alumni stay connected beyond emails and phone calls.

Our IOAs are encouraged to join our official social media groups to stay connected with each other and to receive Dulwich College International global news, share content and upcoming events.

Our alumni can get connected on the official IOA Facebook and LinkedIn groups

IOA Internship Programme

We are helping our alumni get exclusive access to career opportunities.

The IOA development team are working with Dulwich parents and companies to create career opportunities for our alumni.

The initial launch of our programme will aim to connect up to five IOAs with five internships through a one-to-one matching system.

Our future goal is to have an interactive forum where companies continuously advertise exclusive internship and job opportunities to our alumni body. This means our IOAs can use the alumni network as a resource when making their first step into career world.


Global events - from lunches to keynote speakers.

In December 2016 we held one of our first major IOA reunions which brought many IOAs in the UK together at The Salle Pavilion at Dulwich College in London.

We are making plans to host more major IOA events around the world in US, Hong Kong and Canada.

In addition to lunch gatherings, Dulwich will be bringing more engaging events to our alumni including keynote speakers, workshops and more.

International Old Alleynians will also be able to access select Old Alleynian events across the globe.


For more information about the International Old Alleynian network and its development, please contact [email protected]